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I don’t normally share men’s topics on here unless my husband posts something.  However, I was asked by Propeller Entertainment to review The 5 Love Languages for Men.  I enjoy blogging for Propeller Entertainment so much that I agreed.  I originally wanted to send this book to Clay to review, but, unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for him to receive it by mail and review.

Then I moved to Tennessee and started unpacking books.  Look at this picture:

The 5 Love Languages-3

Apparently God was speaking to me when I was asked to review this because we had two other copies BESIDES the one I was sent!  HA!

So what is The 5 Love Languages for Men about?

Falling in love is easy.  Keeping the sizzle in your marriage?  That’s more like grilling the perfect steak – it takes time, attention, and some secret spices.  Mastering your wife’s heart doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will take a little effort.  Good intentions alone will not get the job done.

Gary Chapman gears this edition of his #1 New York Times multi-million best seller to your needs, challenges, and interests as a husband.  What really fills your wife’s love tank?  (It may not be what you think).  How can you let her know what you’re thinking and feeling?  What can you do to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you both?  This book offers a straightforward approach that will equip you for relational success.

Discover the secret that has already transformed millions of relationships worldwide.  As you learn this simple, yet profound, concept for communicating love, you’ll be more confident and courageous in the ways that matter most.  Really!

“When you express your love for your wife using her primary love language, it’s like hitting the sweet spot on a baseball bat or golf club. It just feels right-and the results are impressive.” -Gary Chapman

Includes an updated version of The 5 Love Languages® personal profile.

My Thoughts:

Years ago Clay and I attended a marriage retreat that was put together by the US Army Chaplains Corp.  It was really a good retreat.  My favorite part was when Clay went swimming in the lake—-after he fell out of a canoe—–with all his clothes on!  HAHAHAHA!  ok ok ok I need to focus on the review right?  ANYWAY, this retreat was very organized and the Chaplain focused on teaching us about The 5 Love Languages.  We had homework and everything.  Part of that homework was to do the 5 Love Languages Profile for Couples.  For those of you who have followed me for a long time know that when Clay and I got married it was not all rainbows and sunshine.  This retreat was during that timeframe.  However, that retreat was probably one of the things that kept the glue together so to speak.  During that retreat Clay and I both learned more about each other such as how to talk and communicate better based on our individual love languages.

Sometime after that retreat, The 5 Love Languages for Men came out.  Apparently I wanted Clay to read this so much that I bought him two separate editions.  The most current edition (2014) is one you will want in your library if you don’t already own an edition.  Gary Chapman, who is one of my favorite authors, has updated the book and the profile.  I was really excited to add this copy to our stash. 🙂

As I flip through each of the previous editions that we have, this newest one I think will speak the most to men!  It is shorter, it has pictures (HA!) and it is more to the point.  All these things I know to be important to my husband and men in general.  🙂

The 5 Love Languages-4

The book is broken down into the following sections:

  1. How Many Languages Do You Speak?
  2. How to Become Fluent in Words of Affirmation ( Love Language #1)
  3. How to Become Fluent in Quality Time (Love Language #2)
  4. How to Become Fluent in Gift Giving (Love Language #3)
  5. How to Become Fluent in Acts of Service (Love Language #4)
  6. How to Become Fluent in Physical Touch (Love Language #5)
  7. What Language Do You Speak?
  8. Troubleshooting
  9. How Can You Work Through Anger Together?
  10. The Art of Apologizing
  11. Frequently Asked Questions (This section is REALLY good!  It breaks down those questions very simply!)
  12. The Five Love Languages Profile For Couples

I have read several of Gary Chapman’s books including the original 5 Love Languages and he is a brilliant author and has a huge heart for marriages and God.  I personally liked this book even though it is written for guys!  The humor, writing, and graphics are all very well done!  I give this book a 5/5!  Guys, I encourage you to get a copy!!!

Now I will let Clay share his thoughts:

Do you know your love language?  Is it Words of Affirmation?  Acts of Service?  Quality Time?  Physical Touch?  Receiving Gifts?  Gary Chapman has a thorough test in his book to help you determine your love language.  Having said that, I can say without a doubt that a man’s love language often falls into one of these three categories.  Personally, my love language is Receiving Gifts.  My wife knows that if she wants to fill my love tank I need a gift..LOL!  However, men, we also know that when momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.  My wife’s love language is Words of Affirmation.  Do you know how difficult this is for a me to give words of affirmation?  I’m not a butterfly and flowers, let’s take long walks on the beach and talk about life kind of guy.  However, I’ve also realized (through the painful error of my ways) that my wife needs to hear that she is beautiful, she is wonderful, her outfit looks nice, she is a great mother, she is an awesome keeper of the home.  When she hears these words of affirmation, her love tank is filled and she is more susceptible to speaking my love language and filling my love tank.  What exactly is this love tank, you ask?  Think of it as a bank account.  Unless you make deposits into your bank account, you can’t make withdrawals.  The love tank is the same way.  I know, it sounds funny and I thought the same thing.  Why do I need to tell my wife the things she already knows?  I don’t have a psychological answer for that.  All I know is that my wife desires to hear these things from her husband.  A woman desires for her love tank to be filled by the man she loves.  If you’re a man reading this, I encourage you to at least take the love language profile.  You will learn more about yourself as well as your wife.  Besides, what can it hurt?  If nothing else, you may occasionally get the steak and eggs for breakfast you’ve been asking for.  On a side note, did you know that children have love languages, too?  It’s true.

So check it out! We give it a 5/5! Click below if you want to order a copy:

In Christ,

Clay & Laura