The Men’s Devotional Bible – English Standard Version (ESV) is designed to strengthen the body, heart and mind of men throughout their walk with Christ.  The goal of this devotional Bible is to encourage men to keep Christ at the center of their life even as the world presents daily distractions.  Throughout this Bible, the reader will find devotionals that help nurture and reinforce the full armor of God.

The Men’s Devotional Bible – ESV features:

  • 365 Devotions (one for each day of the year)
  • Book Introductions
  • Black Letter Text
  • Double-Column, Paragraph Format
  • 14 New Articles
  • Dictionary of Key Terms

The Devotions:

The devotions are tied to a text chosen from scripture.  Each book of God’s Love Letter has at least one devotional that is built around  them from that respective book.  The devotions are geared toward the book of the Bible with the reader in mind.  The yearly devotionals are not centered on a date; therefore, you could begin reading in John and then skip to Hebrews without the worry of skipping a date in the devotional.

Each devotion is titled, contains the scripture in reference to the devotion, as well as the page number for the next devotional.  They are ideal for bringing to light the importance of the scripture written in a language we can all understand.  Examples are given throughout the devotion that drives home the importance surrounding the scripture reference.  Each devotion discusses the circumstances surrounding the particular passage leaves the reader with room for application and self-awareness.  They are contributed by several Pastors and leaders among the Christian Seminary and Theological community.  The majority of the devotions take up less than a page.

I did not get the feeling that the devotions are taking place of Scripture, as with other devotions I have had the opportunity to read.  Unlike many other devotionals, these particular devotions aren’t “cookie cutter” devotions with excerpts from various Scriptures.  These devotions help to enhance the reader’s understanding and increase the reader’s application of Scripture in their daily life.

The Articles

You will find 14 articles throughout the Devotional Bible.  These articles are written to help men not only become closer to God but also strengthen their relationships with their wives, their children, and the church.  The articles are written by various pastors, counselors, professors and directors throughout the Christian community.  These articles are:

  1. The Message of the Bible
  2. A Man’s Identity
  3. Communion with God
  4. Singleness
  5. The Gospel and Daily Life
  6. Marriage
  7. A Man’s Inner Life
  8. Fathering
  9. Life in the Local Church
  10. Leadership
  11. Calling
  12. Pornography
  13. A Man’s Work
  14. Doubt


These articles include more information than that of the devotions.  The contributors assist the reader by providing guidance and giving direction according to God’s Word.  Each article is inundated with Scripture references, application, examples and talking points.  I was humbled and appreciative of the extensive research and thought each author contributed.  In short, the articles were nothing short of fantastic!

Dictionary of Key Terms

If you’re looking for a dictionary or concordance, you will be disappointed.  This dictionary is intended to help the reader understand certain key terms.  For example, the term Mercy is defined as “Compassion and kindness toward someone experiencing hardship, sometimes even when such suffering results from the person’s own sin or foolishness.  God displays mercy toward his people and they, in turn, are called to display mercy toward others (Luke 6:63).”  Although this particular key term includes a Scripture reference, not all key terms include a reference.

My Thoughts:

The ESV is not my choice of translations.  Although this translation is easy to read and easy to understand, personally, I prefer the New King James Version (NKJV).  However, the contributions in regards to the devotions and articles are a wonderful inclusion.  The devotions assisted me in breaking down God’s Word and His Desire for my daily walk with His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  The articles strengthened my knowledge of Scripture and intensified my desire in applying God’s Word to my life as a child of the Kind, a husband, a father and a member of Christ’s body.

I recommend the Men’s Devotion Bible – ESV for all men, no matter where they are in their current walk with Christ.

In Christ,


***Thank you to Propeller for my copy***